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Saturday, 7 July 2018

How To Get Tatkal Passport Quickly Documents Required

A passport is one of the most important documents issued by the government which helps us to travel to other countries without any hassles. It is an official document which ensures smooth immigration into another country. It also doubles up as an authentic official document, helping us to avail various government and private services as it acts as an address and id proof.

In India, the Consular, Passport & Visa Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India is entrusted with the responsibility of administering the service and issuing a passport to Indian citizens. The process of getting a fresh/reissue passport is a process which consists of various stages, both online and offline.

Get Tatkal Passport Online

Tatkal Passport is a fast track passport issue or re-issue facility especially provided when anyone needs the passport urgently. Anyone can apply for fast-track passport in case of a genuine reason for urgency. This scheme issues or re-issues passports immediately on payment of additional fees around Rs. 3500 to 4000. Post police verification is carried out in such applications. The applicant also needs to appear before the officer at the regional passport office. This post will guide you to application procedure of immediate passport. We have also listed all the documents required for Tatkal passport. The procedure varies slightly from the application for a normal passport.

Note: According to the new law made in January 2016, police verification is done post passport issue in all the cases. Thanks to BJP and Sushma Swaraj, the new law has made passport issuing breeze. You passport will be dispatched by authorities within one working day if the police verification is not required. If post passport issuance police verification is required, your passport will be dispatched on the third working day. Though there will be post police verification, your passport will be dispatched without waiting for the police verification report. Check out the complete procedure of applying for Out of Turn Issue of Passport under Tatkal passport scheme below in our next section.

Types of Passport Application

Depending on the requirement and urgency for a passport, there are two types of application you can make. Normal Tatkal. While the former is considered as the standard application process, the latter deals with applying for a passport when you need it urgently and willing to pay an additional amount to get your application processed. The Tatkal service is available for both new and renewal of existing passports.
While the procedure of getting a passport issued under the tatkal scheme remains the same more or less, this service is only available to citizens who have a genuine reason of getting on urgent grounds.

Tatkal Scheme Eligibility

The jurisdictional passport office has the final say for the issuance of a passport under this scheme depending on the urgency coupled with other compelling factors of the applicant. Applicants falling in the category below cannot apply/reapply for a passport under the Tatkal scheme.
  • Citizens born to Indian parents outside India (Indian descent)
  • Indian citizens who’ve been granted citizenship status on the basis of naturalization/registration
  • Applicants who’ve been deported to India from other countries
  • Applicants who’ve been repatriated from a different country at government’s cost
  • Name change – major
  • Residents of Jammu & Kashmir and Nagaland
  • Naga origin citizens residing outside Nagaland
  • Children adopted by Indian and foreign parents
  • Minor children with single parent
  • Minors residing in Nagaland
  • Short passport validity renewal
  • Lost or stolen passport
  • Passport damaged beyond recognition
  • Change in sex or appearance
  • Change in personal credentials such as signature

How to Apply for Tatkal Passport

Follow the below given steps to apply online for passport:
  1. Register yourself at the official portal of Passport Seva.
  2. Enter using your login id and password.
  3. Select options of Apply of Fresh or Re-issue as applicable in your case.
  4. Select Tatkal in application type or scheme.
  5. Fill in your application for online or by downloading it.
  6. Submit filled in form online and complete the payment procedure.
  7. Print out the receipt of online payment.
  8. Book appointment. You can check the link for Tatkal appointment opening times link at the homepage of official passport seva portal.
  9. Visit your RPO or Passport Seva Kendra as per fixed appointment with print out of receipt. Also carry all documents in original and self-attested photocopies.

Documents Required for Tatkal Passport

In order to get tatkal passport, you need to submit any of the below document. One of the following two documents is required for urgent Passport:
  1. Verification Certificate as per Annexure F.
  1. Any three documents from below list. (Provided one of the three should be a photo id document and One of the three should be among number I to 9 of below list).
  2. Election Card (EPIC);
  3. Service Photo Id card issued by State or Central Government or PSU, local bodies or Public Ltd Companies;
  4. Certificate of SC/ST/ OBC;
  5. Identity Cards of Freedom Fighters;
  6. Arms License;
  7. Property Documents like Pattas and Registered Deeds
  8. Ration Card;
  9. Pension Documents;
  10. Railway Photo Identity Card;
  11. Income Tax department issued Id (PAN) Card;
  12. Passbook of Bank/ Post office / Kisan
  13. Student’s ID card from recognized Educational Institutes
  14. Driving License
  15. Birth Certificates
  16. Bill of your Gas Connection
  1. A standard affidavit as per Annexure I on normal stamp paper and duly notarized.
  2. Also submit Print out of your application, online payment receipt and color photo with light or white background too.
Proof of urgency is not required for Out of Turn Issue of Passport. We also recommend carrying other supporting documents besides the above basic ones.

This facility provides a valuable service if you need to travel abroad all of a sudden. Appointment in case of urgent passport is available for next day or within 1-2 days. Tatkal passport scheme is introduced to issue passports on expedite basis within 1-3 working days. You can also check the documents required for a normal passport at our separate post. Once you submit your application, track passport status online. Visit our site for information on any procedure and documents related to this essential document. In case of any query do let us know via comment section below or contact us form. Someone from our team will get back to you with an appropriate answer.


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